Introducing a shake that is specifically designed for active people who want to operate with more precision, clarity, and energy.

How would you like to…

Go from tired to full of energy?

Go from sluggish to being able to make razor edge critical decisions?

Get more done?

Feel brilliant and know you're achieving your potential?

Go from just surviving to thriving, happy and healthy?

This is not your ordinary Protein Shake.
POSITIVE INPUT® Is A Life Changer”

Today’s active lifestyles are leaving people (even overachievers) tired and dull.  Imagine what it would be like if you could just sip an amazing tasting shake and find yourself with more energy and mental clarity?  Your wait is over. POSITIVE INPUT® was developed with you in mind.

This delicious shake offers 22 grams of premium plant-based protein per serving, with a superior ingredient architecture to provide the mission-critical nutrients the body needs for maximum energy and cellular support. The restorative effects of POSITIVE INPUT® work with your body chemistry to produce remarkable results for Maximal Health for …a Maximal You!

“Protein was the most valued ingredient 250 years ago: It was the rarest thing. Now the rarest thing we have is time: time to cook and time to eat.”

Adam Gopnik, writer for The New Yorker

Do people get wide-eyed when they see how full your calendar is?

Fuel your day with positive energy to enjoy your lifestyle filled with work milestones, family adventures and continuing personal growth goals, with this one potent improvement to your daily routine.

You build your life not to be run-of-the-mill.

You build your life to be remarkable.

Now have the support you need to help you achieve your dreams.

“Every time you use the word ‘healthy’, you lose. The key is to make yummy, delicious food that happens to be healthy.”

Marcus Samuelsson, celebrated chef.

Tell me, do any of these sound familiar?

Grinding Away

You feel that you need to work harder and harder, keep on grinding it no matter what, in order to reach the next level of success. The media have conditioned everyone to value hard work but never to prioritize quality leisure.

We’ve been told to keep at it but never been told how to create the right body chemistry that helps fuel that Go, Go, Go attitude.

Low Intake of Nutrients

What you’re eating may be draining your energy. Most days we’re all about just grabbing something to-go. Rushing from one place to the next we grab something loaded with sugar, caffeine or carbs; scarfing it down rushing in the car or hurrying at the desk. Ever notice how so many of the so-called health food products tell a different story when you look at the ingredients.

Decision Fatigue

There are about 200 food related decisions that you and I make each day.  What are you going to eat? When and how much of it will you eat? Hot, cold, cream, sugar, to-go, to-stay? What sides? Salad or fries? That’s decision fatigue right there! But wait… there’s more! You need to make 1000 more decisions each day – that was just breakfast and lunch!

Beat The Energy Thief Now!

Do You Take Care of Others Before You Take Care Of Yourself?

It’s so easy to overlook that you’re hungry. Hunger can also make you angry!  You’re working hard, taking care of everyone except you.

It gets worse.  Because you’re “hangry”, you can then start to compromise your relationships.  Blame it on the high-sugar, high-carb fast foods conveniently packaged and lining the aisles. These do little else other than provide a sharp burst of energy followed by a nose-diving slump. Remember that sugar craving shortly after lunch?

When your energy levels are in a slump, when your mind feels foggy, your best ideas are not flowing and you are unable to get up to the PEAK PERFORMANCE you are capable of achieving.

Ever treated yourself to a double cheese pizza at the end of a long, busy, physically and mentally exhausting day? You’ve worked hard, you’re tired and you’re entitled to a little something because you’ve earned it?

You have earned it, but you deserve better.

The solution lies in feeding your body with positive foods that provide slow, sustainable energy release for a long time. Foods that are rich in proteins, not carbs. Foods that nourish your body, not deplete it of energy.

“The food you eat can be
either the safest
and most powerful
form of medicine
or the slowest
form of poison.”

Ann Wigmore

We’ve all had that day when we look into the mirror and not like the look of that gut. Let’s all avoid the phone call from our doctor about pre-diabetes level blood sugar and borderline triglycerides. None of us have to feel those joints creak and ache at an age when they have no business doing that!

On the contrary, imagine how it would feel to wake up full of energy. To look in the mirror at that fit and athletic figure. Imagine how good it would make you feel about yourself. Now imagine having to take just one action to make that happen…

– The fact is –



You need AT LEAST ½ your body weight in grams of Protein DAILY. If you weigh 150 lbs you need a minimum of 75 grams of protein every day for optimal functioning.

This ratio holds true for high powered performers like you, out to make a mark and conquer their professional spheres. (Of course, a professional boxer or athlete would need much more.)

When you walk into the health food store with its market-tested package designs and expensive price points – when you see the organic aisle you figure – it’s organic so it must be good – right? All those foods promise the world but many seem to make no difference either to your energy levels or to your waist line, or in fact to your productivity! You’re doing everything the ‘advertisements’ said you should but you’re not losing weight and feeling no better!

POSITIVE INPUt - Premium Protein Shake - Supplement Facts Label with Protein highlighted

Remember what it felt like to be fit, healthy, and full of vitality… feeling like you’re in such a good mood, nothing can stop you!

You can feel “Oh So Good,” again. You can feel “Oh So Good,” daily.


Did you know?



When choosing a protein shake at a store there is a confusing brick wall of protein shakes confronting you! But are they what you need? Are those products – stuffed full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMO ingredients, antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors and preservatives – going to do anything good to your insides?

POSITIVE INPUT® Protein Shake’s superior key ingredients make it the star that it is. They provide sustained energy release throughout the day, along with restorative properties at the cellular level.

Get Your Vitality Back!

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Here’s what we PUT IN to keep you healthy


Metabolism Support


Stress Response Support


Antioxidant Support


Cellular Energy Support

Have sustained energy release for peak performance with 22 grams of plant-based protein per serving, sourced from Peas, Chia Seeds and Sacha Inchi Seeds.

Adapt to different levels of energy demands and deal with stress by balancing hormones and reducing cortisol; all this with the king of herbs – Ashwagandha.

Enjoy sustained, lasting, unstoppable energy with the crucial energy manager at the cellular level, D Ribose.

Fight against the constant attack by free radicals with antioxidants from Green Tea.

Optimize gut health and improve immunity with the critical amino acid L-Glutamine.

Improve digestion with the all-important Fibers.

Relish the deliciousness with natural sweeteners such as Stevia Leaves and Monk Fruit.

POSITIVE INPUT® is healthy and wholesome.
It’s so delicious, it’s like nothing you’ve tried before.

Here’s what we KEEP OUT to keep you healthy





Avoid energy spikes and dips by keeping out High Carbs

Avoid the risk of diabetes by keeping out Artificial Sweeteners

Avoid the risk of obesity and an expanding waistline by keeping out Sugars

Avoid long term cellular damage by keeping out Genetically Modified Foods

Avoid hormonal imbalances by keeping out Synthetic Hormones

Avoid digestive disorders by keeping out Gluten

Avoid high cholesterol levels and heart disease by keeping out Dairy Products

In the U.S. products that contain 10% of the daily individual requirement, or 2.5 grams of fiber per serving, are designated as a ‘good source of fiber’.

With 5 grams of fiber per serving, POSITIVE INPUT® is a HIGH source of fiber. Fiber aids regular bowel movements, lowers bad cholesterol, keeps blood sugar levels in check and helps maintain a healthy weight.

POSITIVE INPUT® has everything you need and nothing you don’t need

“Sugar leaves you stranded; I make sure I have the proper amount of protein before I work out.”

Evander Holyfield, the first and only Champion in both cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.


With POSITIVE INPUT® to help you every day, you become an ace team player, a more dynamic professional, and an alert and focused source of visionary new ideas. In one fell swoop you’re a better spouse, parent and boss!

It’s a convenient way to get the nutrition you need while reducing the decision fatigue that comes from trying to choose the right products to give you the nutrition you need. You can grab a shake for breakfast, simply sip one at your desk in the office or refresh yourself in the middle of the day with just a few swigs containing quality protein, fruit of your choice and perhaps some sugar-free coconut milk.

Slowly those unhealthy sugar cravings will reduce and fall away as your body gets used to consistent healthier inputs.

Take Control!

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Power Packed Nutrition for The Maximal Achiever

Here’s what achievers have to say about POSITIVE INPUT® Protein Shake

Video Testimonials


Invest in yourself! Give yourself the advantage of choice nutrients that really give your body and your brain what they need to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Don’t accept fatigue and a compromised immune system as a way of life.

With our generous 60 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

Feel charged up all through the day.

Combat the effects of insufficient sleep.

Reverse being overfed but undernourished.

Be sharp and focused at work.

Have a clear thought process.

Improve immunity and gut health.

Heal your body at a cellular level.

Have the energy to enjoy fulfilling leisure time with family.

YES, I want to live a Maximal Life!

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Embrace the Leadership Lifestyle of a Maximal Achiever and fuel your body with the vital nutrients and high-quality protein that help you achieve what you know you can.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Testimonials collected also include some YOUMAXA™ team members during the beta/product development of Positive Input®.